Holiday Workshops
for Young Digital Talent

Noosa's techie kids have never had it this good

This Summer school holiday, Noosa's tech-loving youngsters are in for an action-packed program of creating, inventing and having fun with the latest technology. The Hub's holiday program has a wide variety of workshops for girls and boys in years 4-12.

Take your pick from drone racing to 3D design & printing to game development to video production to robotics. We have it all. Details below. Calendar view here


Strap yourself in for the Summer DroneCamp where you’ll learn to build, fly and race an FPV drone over 4 days.

FPV Drone Racing is one of the fastest rising sports in the world and allows pilots to experience an amazing sense of flying. FPV or “First Person View” drones are flown at high speed around obstacle courses, giving pilots the sensation of being at the controls of a stunt aircraft.

Participants will lear to fly and compete head to head to win fantastic prizes. This program is being delivered by expert local drone pilots, Connor Middleton and Eamon Kriz.


13-16 January - 4 day program
(various locations and times - check event details)
Ages 13+

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The World Championship-winning Royal Robotics team will teach a LEGO sumo robotics masterclass to boys and girls aged 8-14 in a fun, collaborative environment.

Over the two days, we will teach you how to make a self driving car using programming skills like proportional line following and use of ultrasonic sensors. We will also teach how to build with structural integrity.

We will incorporate these skills into a fun competition and game. Together, we will learn, have fun, make friends and have a good time!

All workshop materials (i.e. laptops, robots) will be provided.


Jan 13th, 9am - 1pm
Jan 14th, 9am - 1pm
Ages ~8-14

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3D design skills are now a superpower - you can dream up anything, design it in 3D and then 3D print it.

Practiced 3D designer Binara Wasala will introduce kids to the world of designing virtual objects through Computer Aided Design (CAD). Participants will learn to design, render and 3d print objects using Tinkercad and Autodesk 3D Inventor in a Beginner and Advanced workshop. Book one or both.

Day 1 - beginners. Learn to design easy, fun 3D objects like customised snowflakes.
Day 2 - intermediate. We’ll be getting onto more complex 3D design projects like the Tesla Cybertruck.

Beginners have the option to purchase a ticket for Day 2 as well, if they’d like to extend their learning and 3D design skills. BYO laptops are encouraged.


Tuesday Jan 21st, 9am - 1pm: Beginner Workshop
Wednesday Jan 22nd, 9am - 1pm: Intermediate Workshop
Ages 10-14

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If you have a passion for making videos and want to start your own business while still in school, this is a workshop for you! Jonty Brown is a 17yr old passionate videographer who started building his business from the age of 14. He now owns more than $15,000 worth of personal camera equipment, creates work from promotional content for businesses and schools to wedding and music videos.

In this workshop Jonty will teach you how to turn a content-creating hobby like making Instagram video edits into a content creation service where you can earn money for yourself by making videos for clients. You'll learn what skills you need, how to promote yourself, how to quote clients and what their expectations will be.


17 January, 2pm - 4pm

Ages 13-18

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Learn how to create 3D art for games using the powerful (free) Blender software. Over the 2 days of this program, 3D artist Fletcher Reynolds, will teach you how to model, pose and render a Fortnite game character and make your own Fortnite thumbnail artwork.

In the process you will learn how to use Blender to create 3d art and assets which can be used in games, visual effects, animation, 3D printing and prototyping. These 3D skills are in huge demand in multiple industries and unlock amazing creative potential.


Wednesday Jan 23rd, 9am - 1pm
Thursday Jan 24th, 9am - 1pm
Ages 10-15

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